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A TURN TOWARDS ONLINE EXHIBITION & DISTRIBUTION PLATFORMS Roundtable discussion – Faculty of Fine Arts, Lisbon 18.10.2016   This panel will be dedicated to the current turn towards digital exhibition formats & online platforms, and to both the challenges and possibilities it brings along for artists and curators. This movement is creating and enforcing a […]

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Journey on Salted Water_Fuso Festival

“It is not down in any map; true places never are.” Ishmael, Herman Melville’s Moby Dick We might perceive the current migration crisis as a symbol of our times, challenging our identity, borders, and for many also the post-war “European project”. But for centuries, since the seafarers conquered the New Worlds, and through all times, […]

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Nicolas Provost_Moving_Stories

Video Art Channel_The Journey

Video Art Channel: June-August 2015 Exploring the word by its different meanings, as a physical transportation in space and time, a migration between borders and territories. The journey can also refer to a mental transportation, to a state of dreaming and reflecting. In our digital era, we create journeys between what is virtual and what […]

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Oslo Screen Festival 2014

Oslo Screen Festival is glad to present a guest program with video art from Chile curated by Daniela Arriado on March 8th! This program presents three video artists from Chile, which work reflects and displays contemporary dystopias, the current issue of mobility and migration in relation to identity, and also to stories of a political past. PROGRAM: Cartographies for […]

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MEMORY_lost & found

MEMORY_lost & found is a group exhibition presenting five Chilean video artists: Andrea Wolf, Enrique Ramirez, Claudia Aravena Abugosh, Camilo Yañez and Lorena Zilleruelo. The artists are invited to share their reflections and visualize the relationship between image, memory and time. Through film, video-sculpture and installation, the artists explore the tension between remembering and forgetting […]

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Marit_Følstad newmuseum1

Nordic Outbreak

Traveling Exhibition Of Moving Image By Over Thirty Nordic Artists Launches Throughout New York City March 31 to April 6, 2013 Nordic Outbreak Symposium, April 6 at Scandinavia House, 58 Park Avenue (New York, N.Y.) – Streaming Museum is pleased to present Nordic Outbreak, an exhibition of over 30 moving image artworks by established and […]

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Lights On: Rogaland Kunstsenter

Video art program for Rogaland Art Center`s fasade screen, Bakspeilet. Artists: John Smith (UK)/Susanne Christensen (DK)/Brede Korsmo (NO)/ Sidsel Christensen (DK) Lights On presented video artists playing with the concept of light. The works present the artists’ perception and approach of light, as a tool and inspiration to create new forms and moods, from formal […]

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letting space_to be seen by robberstad

Screen Passage: Pedersgata

The Screen passage project was based on temporary use of empty spaces in Stavanger, for the screening of video art and animation. The project was reflecting the need for experimental and alternative exhibition spaces for artists in Stavanger, exploring urban issues, and aiming to disseminate experimental art in public spaces. The first project took place […]

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Public Art Screens

The Public Art Screens presents contemporary video art and animation in public space. The screens are made to public and private rooms, terminals, schools, foyers and meeting areas. Each program is curated and presented regularly on the screens venues. The project is initiated and produced by i/ o / lab – Center for Future Arts […]

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Public Art Screens: Landscape in Motion

Video art program for Public Art Screens in Stavanger – by i/o/lab Artists: Nan Hoover / Valerie Furnham / Chris Loukes / Jacco Olivier / Catrine Thorstensen / Momoko Seto / Joakim Lund /Michael Bell Smith Curatorial statement: Landscape is often associated with nature, environment and urban fields, and reflecting our cultural habitat. The psychological […]

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